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Premium Tea Wholesale

Premium single origin loose leaf tea

Started as a small shop in Amsterdam, over the years we became eminent supplier of many restaurants and various shops. It was heartwarming to see that our carefuly selected teas are appreciated by so many people and it didn't took as long time to understand that we can focus on whole Europe, not just The Netherlands. Our close cooperation with tea farmers is a baseline for providing you the best quality teas and specialities available.

Our list of available teas became so extensive, that we are not publishing it online. If you are interested in what we have to offer, do not hesitate to contact us!

In general, we are selling teas from Daarjeeling (various gardens like Rohini, Gopaldhara, Goomtee and many more) to Assam or from China (from gunpowder to traditional specialities like Long Jin Shi Feng) to Taiwan (we are proud to have even tea hybrids like TRES-18  Yu Chi - Red Jade) and many more.

As a tea wholesaler we are able to deliver our teas in every corner of Europe

Original Matcha Tea

Tea is our passion and as mentioned, we are proud to have many specialities, such as original matcha tea. Ours comes from Aichi prefecture (Japan), has certified origin and is regularly tested in labs. Japanese Matcha is becoming more and more popular and if you decide to add it as an item for sale in your business, it is very important to be sure of quality and harmlessness because, and this is very sad, you can find a lot of cheap matcha fakes

As a Japanese matcha tea wholesaler we have products suitable for restaurants, shops or even fitness studios.